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10 Tips for empowering children to be money smart

Encourage your children to work for their pocket money. When they are old enough, possibly around fourteen, encourage them to

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Picking Winners

The media locks in on a particular ‘hot’ sector. In the late 1990s, it was technology.  In the mid-2000s it

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Curiouser & Curiouser

  Have you stopped wondering? As one gets older it’s easy to lose the curiosity and enthusiasm you had earlier

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Pension Flexibility at 55

In 2015 the UK government introduced a rule that anyone with a UK personal pension could access their whole fund at

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Try Something New for 30 Days

Most of us would like to change how we do certain things in our life, but making good habits – and

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Don’t Get Beaten Up!

Everyone wants to beat the market, but the fact is most people who set out to do so end up

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Ten Misconceptions about Retirement

Transitioning to retirement is not just about ensuring we have enough money to last, understanding the emotions we’ll experience and

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UK Pension Transfers – March 2017 changes

25% charge imposed by UK HMRC With a surprise 25% charge introduced by the UK government on transfers to foreign

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Investors Beware!

How many times do investors think that they or their advisers know which funds or stocks to pick and when

Avoiding Money Problems
How to avoid money problems in our middle years

Spending more money than we earn It is often during our middle years, that we are nearing, or are at,

Money Personality Quiz
What is your Financial Personality

Recent research suggests that some of us are ‘dreamers’ and some of us are ‘doers’. or we could even be

Family Trust
Is the Kiwi love affair with Trusts over?

We regularly get asked “Is it worth me having a Trust anymore?” As you would expect from a Lawyer, the

Family Trust
Is your Family Trust still relevant?

Has your family trust passed its use by date? After all, there have been some big ones challenged through the courts where

Low/No inflation & – interest rates
Low/No inflation & negative interest rates

Low/No inflation and negative interest rates sound like good news (especially if you are a bank borrower) but things may

Rollercoasters also go down (the reality of investing)

If you want to get really high returns from investing, you have to find the best stocks – well, that’s