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Wheelchair competition in the bay
Extreme Competition in Tauranga

When G3 launched in 2009 we aimed to do it with a bit of a splash and so of course

What are you planning for?

And the winner is … who? Marc Lore was a successful businessman and entrepreneur by pretty much any standard.  He

Bright side of life
Always look at the bright side of life

If your view of the world was based entirely on the front pages of the nation’s newspapers and the content

Market Volatility
Market Volatility in the headlines

  ‘How the financial wobble will hit your back pocket’ ‘Volatility now the new norm’ ‘Keep calm and enjoy the

uncertainty-ahead Website Ready
Control what you can and not what you can’t

So the decision has been made and we have a new Prime Minister eager to form our government for the

Is ACC enough v2
Is ACC enough?

We are all aware that if we break a leg, fall off a ladder or slip with the kitchen scissors,

Process Website ready
The Seven Virtues of Process

‘How’ relates to process. It’s not just what you invest in, but the approach you take to investing. This means

Have you left a bequest when you die?

Whilst we would like to ensure our families are looked after when we pass on, we want to help spark

Kids & Money - website ready 2
10 Tips for empowering children to be money smart

Encourage your children to work for their pocket money. When they are old enough, possibly around fourteen, encourage them to

Picking Winners - crystal ball  website ready
Picking Winners

The media locks in on a particular ‘hot’ sector. In the late 1990s, it was technology.  In the mid-2000s it

Curiousier & Curiousier 1.2 website ready
Curiouser & Curiouser

  Have you stopped wondering? As one gets older it’s easy to lose the curiosity and enthusiasm you had earlier

My Pension Fund 4.2 website ready
Pension Flexibility at 55

In 2015 the UK government introduced a rule that anyone with a UK personal pension could access their whole fund at

Try something new for 30 days image (6)
Try Something New for 30 Days

Most of us would like to change how we do certain things in our life, but making good habits – and

Don't get beaten up image
Don’t Get Beaten Up!

Everyone wants to beat the market, but the fact is most people who set out to do so end up

Retirement are you ready image (2)
Ten Misconceptions about Retirement

Transitioning to retirement is not just about ensuring we have enough money to last, understanding the emotions we’ll experience and